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Father Sullivan's Take on Christian History. We are testing a Google site for a series of articles on the history of the Christian church. Take a look  to explore the articles.  Check back as we add more.

One Happy Old Priest, copyright 2010. xLibris. Excerpt. Orders. One Happy Old Priest is one man's look at life as a catholic.

How often do you get to hear the pastor's point of view?

Join Fr. Sullivan as he recalls his experiences in public and parochial schools, seminary, and as a missionary with the Columban Fathers in Korea.  Follow his return from Yang Yang to obtain a graduate degree, work as a teacher in seminary, and then as a diocesan pastor in the diocese of St. Augustine Florida. Readers will be treated to the memories of a man who spent his entire life in and around the Catholic church. Walk with Fr. Sullivan as the youngest of six children in depression-era St. Louis. One story after another takes readers to the schools, parishes, seminaries, missions, and families he had a chance to visit. The volume includes photographs of his family, fellow missionaries, priests, nuns and parishioners that contribute to his view of the church.  An Appendix of "Columban Fathers Mentioned" lists many men Father Sullivan wrote about who dedicated their lives to the service of the Church.

Praying Your Own Mysteries of the Rosary.   This is a series I posted to fathersullivan.com that demonstrates different ways of praying the Rosary.  Holding Mary's Hand is the first one.  The second is a group of mysteries about St. John's Gospel, Chapter 1.  The third is a group of mysteries about the Beatitudes and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The fourth is a discussion of mysteries you can make up.

Light Filled Mysteries. Pope John Paul II suggested we add five mysteries to the existing fifteen. This booklet gives some help in meditating on the five, new luminous (or "Light-Filled) mysteries: The Baptism of Jesus, Wedding at Cana, Proclaiming the Kingdom, the Transfiguration, and The Last Supper.

The John Dialogues. This is a 235-page book I wrote as the base Religion text for our Eighth Graders in the their Spring Semester. It is an attempt to plumb the mysteries in fifteen key passages in St. John's Gospel. Since there is no way to get the kids to sit still while I lectured them, I put them to work reading the roles of the scholars and saints who explain St. John's lessons. This Excerpt is the Mystery of the Samaritan Woman.