The man with the withered hand would have been accepted by Jesus.

Wednesday, 1/23/19

On this my 91st birthday I thank God for my healthy mind and body, for all my family and teachers.  However, the gospel's man with a withered hand turns my thoughts in another direction.  The gospel's man with a withered hand presents a contrast to all the blessings I received. 

Let me tell you about a boy named Calvin who lacked all my blessings. Calvin was a boy on the next street to me who had to grow up with a withered right hand and very few friends.  When the healthy boys on my street had a pick-up baseball game, Calvin often got in the way.  He sang country western songs badly, and the boys often told him to be quiet and go away. 


Whenever I hear the gospel story about the man with the withered hand it gets me thinking about Calvin, and about how we should love those less fortunate than ourselves. That is basically how Jesus wanted us to love.

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