The Council of Trent in 1565, Vatican II in 1865

Thursday, 11/4/18

The Catholic teachings and rules of life life laid out for us at
the Council ofTrent were copied from Cardinal Cajetan's
Commentary on the Catholic teachings and practices in
Middle Ages.

The Catholic teachings and rules of life followed by
Vatican II come from the writings of two Eighteenth
Century French priests who went back to the time
of the Apostles for the explanation of true Catholicism.

In 1850 Pope Pius XII condemned the writings of
Father Lubac and Congar for their departure from,
the teachings of Trent. But in 1880 Pope John XXIII
named them as special counselors to Vatican II.

The differences between them can be seen in Trent's
teaching that unbaptized souls cannot merit heaven,
While Vatican II states that "The dignity of man 
consist in this that he is called to converse with God, 
and his invitation to converse with God comes to
him at the first moment of his being."

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