We all are able to take the role of the Good Samaritan.

One Summer day, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, I was spinning down U.S. 9 5 when I spotted a young man stranded with a U-Haul. Pulling over., I found he had run of gas. While taking him down to the next Easy-Off, I got his story. He and his wife, both from Cuba, but meeting in Miami. had three children; and they had trouble living on what he could make in Miami.

He had got a better paying job near Boston where they had a fourth child. But then, when his wife came down with great cancer, their parents in Miami promised to take care of their little family if they could make it own there.

Selling what they could, they had plane free for the women and her kids, and they put the rest of their furniture in a U-Haul. Lacking money for a Motel, the man tried driving non-stop from Boston to Miami.

I paid for the gas, telling him to send on the money when he could. I wished him goodbye when he had poured it into his tank; and as I was leaving I heard him say. "I don't have to ask who you are."

Often people can pick out  a priest even when he is in old clothes, so I said, "Alright, who am I"
And he answered. "Why you are the Good Samaritan."    

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Unknown said...

That day, Father, you were the Good Samaritan! Hope you are getting better. God Bless!

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