Together with the saints of the Old Testament we have become one people in Christ.

Tuesday, 10/23/18

As Paul went from town to town preaching the Gospel of Christ, he was
followed by Judaizers telling the new Christians that to be saved they
needed to be circumsized, and to follow the whole of the Judaic Law, and
bybobserving kosher. 

,In this Letter to the Ephesians, while insisting that we need not give
up Christianity to become Jewish, Paul was sayjng that as Christians
we need not give up the beauties of the Old Testament.

We are invited to take the best of both, as John points out in Chapter 21
of Revelation. There he described the New Jerusalem with gates inscribed
with he names of the twelve Patriarchs, and twelve rows of foundation
stones, marked with the names of the Apostles.

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