Today's readings do not move us, so we will look at Justin's 160 A.D description of the Mass.

Friday, 10/12/18

In 160 a.d. Justin ave the Roman senate this description off the Mass.

On that day that us called after the sun, all who are in the towns
and in the country, gather together for a communal celebration. And
then the memoirs of the Apostles or the writings of the Prophets
are read as much as time permits.

After the reader has finished his task, the one presiding give an
 address, earnestly admonishing his hearers to practice those
beautiful teachings in their lives.

Then, together all stand and recite prayers, and bread and wine
mixed with water are brought , and the president offers up prayers and
Thanksgivings as much as in him lies. The people chime in with Amen.

Then takes place the distribution to all attending of the thing over
which the Thanksgiving has been spoken, and the deacons bring
a portion to thr absent. Besides, those who are well-to-do give
whatever they will. What is gathered is deposited with the one
presiding who therewith helps widows and orphans.


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