Sunday, 10/21/18

Jesus said. "You know how among the Gentiles those who
exercise authority make their importance felt, but it cannot
be that way with you."

Now it so happened that after the year 550 a.d. our Church
leaders came to feel obliged to make threir importance felt.

The way it happened was that before the year 550 a.d. our
genuine Christians came to be out numbered by Arians who
 were saying that Jesus was only a  good man, but not the
Son of God.

Genuine Christianity was rescued when the king if a new
tribe, the Francs, married a Christian girl. She convinced
him that if he and his nobles became Christians he
could become a new Emperor Constantine; with that, the
king and his nobles were baptized Christians in the year
497 a.d..

That should have settled things, but it didn't. Through an
ancient custom of the Francs, only a man with an inheritance
related him to the king, was considered a real person. That
left the bishops and priests only fit to sleep with the pigs.

To rectify matters, for the priests and bishops.  The king had
each of them  come before the assembly, solemnly swearing,
"I have an inheritance, my inheritance is the Lord.

Trouble arose for the priests and bishops when the nobles insisted
they have titles of their new dignity. They had ti be addressed as
"My  Lord or your eminence."

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