Sunday, 10/14/18

We had a ninety-eight year old woman in our parish, and
as a former president of the Jacksonville Women' Club,
she was invited to speak to their membership, and she
asked me to listen in,

The ladies in attendance were outstanding for their high
government and scholastic achievements, and I suspect
that may of them had come to secretly compare  to
their own self-sufficiency to what the old lady had
accomplished. (I might have had the intention of
comparing my achievements to  what the old lady could
boast of.)

The hostess invited the old lady to the speaker's podium,
handing her the mike. But brushing all that aside, the old
lady, like a football coach, thrust one fist then the other
across her middle. And, with each thrust, she joyfully
exclaimed, "Ive got my mind! I've got my mind."


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