Francis of Assizi inherited a love for chivalry from his father.

Wednesday, 10/4/18

The father of Francis was a dealer in fine fabrics woven
from silk smuggled out of China. Born in 1181 while his
father a selling in fine cloth in Francis, his mother had him
baptized John; but his father  had become so  enamored
 by French chivalry, that he had his son renamed

A teenaged Francis was imprisoned for a year while
fighting against Perugia, and the year turned Francis into
a man of deep spirituality.

Released from prison, and burning in love for God's poor,
Francis sold some of his father's wares to feed the poor,
bringing his father to take him to court. Before the judge
and the people or Assizi, Francis stripped himself of all
the clothing he had from his father.

Carrying on with that, Francis adopted a life of complete
poverty. passing that love for simplicity on to his thousands
of followers, Francis enriched the world with the simple

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