Christian women in Galatia were taught how to write

Saturday. 10/13/18

In the year. 100 Ignatius, bishop of  Antioch, was brought
to Rome to be fed to the lions.

Emperor Trajan was reluctant to put the holy old man to
death, but Ignatius refused to burn incense to honor the
gods of Rome.

After traveling around Asia Minor in a slow boat Ignatius
wrote letters back to the Christians he visited with on the
way, and those letters have become treasured Christian

For writing his letters in those years, Trajan had
a  Christian girl from Galatia. The girl was
unique in her ability to read and write,  One year our
Eighth Grade put on a play about those events, and,
we had Trajan's secretary singing.

"Christians in Galata taught me to write, but I was
made  slave by thugs who turned my days to night"

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