You must live along with Jesus in an early day of his ministry

Wednesday, 9/5/18

It is not enough for us to just read through today's GospelI account of a day
in Our Lord's early ministry, we must feel ourselves as living through it.

We must experience the hunger of those hurrying over to Peter's house,
following that long day in the synagogue. Then, we share in everyone's
disappointment at finding Peter's mother-in-law, the one who was to do
the cooking, lying prostrate with a fever.

The other disciples were speaking about how long such  fever hung on,
when Jesus called for an immediate cure.

Through the evening that followed you were kept busy ushering cripples
and near-dying people up to Jesus for miraculous cures.

Afterwards, as you came together, comparing notes on what most impressed
each of you, you realize that Jesus is no longer with you. That sends you scouring
the shoreline and the hills until you find him bent to thr ground, lost in
conversation with his Father.

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