We must let,our light shine.

Monday, 9/24/1

In telling us to not let our light shine Jesus was telling us to
use our talents for the good of others.

Once Seventh Grade girl asked of we are all made in God's
image, how come some people are born left handed. My
crude answer to that was that my sister Peggy was left-handed,
so maybe God makes all mean people left-handed so we can tell
them out.

But, taking that girl's question seriously, how can we all be made
in God's image when we are so different from each other? The answer
suggesting itself to me is  that God is like a many-faceted jewel,
with each of us mirroring a different facet of him.

Today's Gospel makes sense if we we go with that explanation.
Each of us is equipped to show off a unique facet of God.

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