We must hold fast to the Gospel Paulad the Apostles handed on.

Thursday, 9/20/18

Jesus, at the Last Supper entrusted the Gospel to the Apostles, telling
them that when there was more to  know the Holy Spirit would
them to those truths, and he would remind them of things that Jesus

A century later, there arose a group of Christians that claimed to have
separate Gospels that God revealed to them separately. Because they
knew new Gospels, in derision other Christians called them
the "Knowing ones" or, in Greek, the "Gnostics."

To silence those heretics, the Holy Father called on Irenaeus, man
from Smyrna who had known the Apostle John. Irenaeus patiently met
with the Gnostics, listening to their claims over many years. And
then he made a clear  presentation of Christ's plan for transmitting
thr Gospel. Irenaeus said that the Gospel  was being handed on
through th body of bishops chosen directly or indirectly from the

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