The teachings of the Council of Trent were the wrong new cloth used to patch the old garment.

Friday, 9/7/`8

In reading Our Lord's words against patching an old garment with  a piece
of new cloth, I immediately thought of the possible  harm Vatican II
teachings did to our traditional Catholic beliefs, but on consideration,
I have come to see that it was  the Council of Trent that failed us as an
adequate patch on our real Catholic teachings.

The Council of Trent presented the deliberations of only three Catholic
countries, presenting as Catholic doctrine only the faulty religious ideas
held at that time. For instance, although Jesus had said that God wants the
salvation of all men, Trent taught that unbaptized people could not get
to heaven.

What gave strength to the views of Trent was it insistently demanding  
that individuals to remain Catholic were bound to accept all its decisions
as the true and only teachings of the Church.

Jesus at the Last Supper entrusted the Apostles with passing on all of our
beliefs, adding that as time went on the Holy Spirit would give us the
answers  of later times.

The great fans of Vatican II see the 2500 bishops gathered there three year in
a row were the new Apostles leading us to all truth by the Holy Spirit.

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