The ecumenical council preserve the Gospel Jesus conferred on the Apostles.

Tuesday, 9/11/18

Let me say a few words about church ecumenical councils. They are based on
Jesus at the Last Supper telling the Apostles that he had relayed all truths to
them; and in time the Holy Spirit wold lead them to truths they were not ready for.

A hundred and fifty years later so-called Christians began professing belief in new
doctrines. We called such people the "Gnostics" from the Greek word for "knowing."
To point out the errors of the Gnostics, the pope turned to Irenaeus, a man who had
heard the true Gospel from Polycarp , a close disciple of the Apostle John.

Irenaeus told the Gnostics and the rest of us that to avail ourselves of the clear
teachings of Jesus,we would need to go to the bishops who had been chosen and taught
by the Apostles.

That is how the Second Vatican Council came about. For three years twenty-five  hundred
bishops, descendants off the Apostles, met, and together searched out what they found to be
the truth Gospel, communicated to the Apostles by Christ.


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