Matthew's Gospel shows us that Jesus fulfilled the Law and thr Prophets.

Friday, 9/21/18

When I undertook to teach the Religion classes for the Seventh Grade
at St. Paul's Grade School in 1964, I had in mind devoting the four months
of the Spring  session to a careful study of the Gospel according to Luke.

To appear democratic about it, I asked the kids if studying Luke would
be okay with them,  but a little Lutheran boy demanded we do Matthew in
stead. Now, about Matthew's Gospel I knew nothing but the name, but I had
tricked myself into explain about it, and so I had to go ahead on making a
thorough study of Matthew.

And I came to be very happy about that. When early Christianity's enemies
were claiming that  Christianity was a fake, because Jesus had attempted
doing away with the Law and the Prophets. I was extremely happy with
the way Matthew's Gospel, showed how Jesus, far from doing away with
the Law and the Prophets, actually fulfilled them.

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