Love does not seek is own interests.

Wednesday. 9/19/18

A loving person is one who does not seek its own interests,
but one who sacrifices self-concern while looking out f
for thr happiness of others.

At breakfast yesterday morning I thought I saw love
in action. Kevin Murphy and I had taken a rear table
with a heavy black man at the next table.

Looking over at our neighbor, I said, "You really like
your grits, don't you? And, Kevin asked him about the
emblem on his shirt.

The man said it advertises his business of shaving ice for
snow cones. He had gotten into that after twelve year in
he Navy.

Kevin said, "You must feel happy about it when kids
see you coming."

Anyway, our chit chat went on, and when we asked for
our check. the waitress said our neighbor had tasked cate
of it.

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