In centuries who all our saints were of noel birth Vincent was a peasant.

St. Vincent ds Paul

Thursday, 9/28/18

Vincent was born in 1581 of a peasant family in Southern France;
he was given his primary education by Franciscan Friars. And from
that, by tutoring, he worked his way up through Philosophy and
Theology studies.

At twenty, in search of higher studies he was captured by African
pirates. Breaking away after three years, he attached himself to a
rich prelate who had him accompanying him to Paris.

Ordained a priest, his cleverness won him the position of chaplain
to a wealthy family. Finding stability in that role, he turned is attention
back to the peasants and the galley slaves of his youth. Woking as an
individual at first, he enlisted other young priests in bringing solid  
religious life to poor people and galley slaved.

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