Today's readings demonstrate the wide scope the New Testament.

Thursday, 8/30/18

Our  readings today portray the New Testament'wide scope, with Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians dating from the year 53, and Matthew's Gospel coming after the year 80.

After Paul had left the Christians of Corinth in the year 51, he three years later wrote to them,
full of praise for their progress, but with warnings against errors he heard of seeping in there.

A dozen or more years after the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70, the surviving Jews had
come to see their true Jewish remnant to consist only in those Jews who adhered exactly to  those recent additions to the Law which forbade any dealings with Gentiles.

 By this narrow reckoning, even Jesus, by his associating with Gentiles, had moved toward destroying the Law and the Prophets, and ceased to be trurly Jewish.  Matthew's Gospel shows
that far from  destroying the Law and the Prophets, he fulfilled them.

m,. he fulfilled them


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