Three mistaken views of today's readings

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

First mistake: Peter and his companions had come to believe that God rewards good people with riches. So, when Jesus said it was difficult for a rich man to be saved, Peter asked who could be saved if those whom God rewards with riches can't be saved.

Second mistaken view of this Gospel is that put forward by Fundamentalist interpreters of the Bible.
Their belief that everything in the Bible was literally true leads them to imagine that Jerusalem had one very small gate known as the Needle's Eye. It was so narrow that a  camel could not get through it.

The third mistake in my eyes was made by a priest named Tim Connoly. He compared us students to Peter and his companions who had given up all to follow Jesus, Father Tim was my hero. But when I came on him years later I saw that drinking had robbed him of his charm.

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