The Scribes and Pharisees opposed to Jesus.

Monday, 8/27/18

The Scribes and Pharisees opposed to Jesus date back to 970, 430 and
160 B.C,,

In 970 B. C. when David was passing away, the brother of Absalom was
taking over the kingship that David had promised to Solomon, the son of
Bersheba;  but David, recalling his promise to Bersheba, sent the priest
Zadoc to consecrate Solomon.

Fearing for his life, Zadoc consecrated Solomon king, and the people,
honoring Zadoc's bravery, vowed that they would always choose a
direct descendent of Zadoc as their high priest.

In 430 B. C. Jerusalem's leaders, feeling that the Law of Moses was
inadequate for solving modern problems, set up a body of lawyers to
modernize the Law.  Unfortunately. this group, the Scribes, went overboard
imposing thousands and thousands of unnecessary regulations.

In 160 A.D. the only living descendent of Zadoc was an idiot, so they replaced
him with a national hero. A tenth od the citizens separated themselves
from this choice, and they became the Separate  Ones, the Pharisees.

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