Today we honor Bernard, a most charming saint.


Today we honor St. Bernard. Born in 1090, at nineteen he entered the Trappist monastery at Citeaux. There the monks imediately came to see him as a man fo great spiritual charm. He had immersed himself in Greek and Latin literature, and he showed such a deep love for Mary that he mind the Old Testament for her symbols,  blending them into his Litany to Mary.

In 1120 the monks at Citeaux, in planning a new monastery at Clairvaux, chose Bernard as their abbot.

Though he was a lover of praying in solitude, he had all Europe repeating such sayings of his as "Hell is full of good intentions."

When the Church held the Second Lateran Council they called on Bernard as a consulant. When the Church brought forth two climates as popes. They called on Bernard to make the choice.  


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