As captives you shall go into exile.

Thursday, 8/16/18

Ezekiel the Prophet, leading up to the year 600 B.C., over and over warned the people of Jerusalem that if they did not give up their out-and-out sinful lives they would be carried off in exile. When the people, weary of this preaching, said they would no longer listen further to his warnings, he began acting out a people made to pack up and leave.

The collapse of Jerusalem back then has me wondering if our present dayAmerica is.morally strong enough to resist its being overtaken by a foreign people. My unfavorable estimation of our moral strength comes from comparing Americans in 2017 with the survivals of Pearl Harbor back in 1941.
Back then everyone rose to the challenge. I read about four young men in the same town who committed suicide when they were judged not strong enough to fight fo r their country.

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