Heroes come to mind on the Fourth of July

Thursday, July 5, 2018

A little over four weeks ago I fell and broke my leg in the hip joint. Badly hung up, I couldn’t write these daily homilies.

Coming back to these posts after the Fourth of July I want to thank our Founding Fathers for guaranteeing us the freedoms that protect our rights to grow into what God wants us to become.

The Statue of Liberty welcomed my grandparents, allowing them to learn, to grow, and to start new stable families. Today I recall my boyhood friend Johnny Burkheart who gave his life for us on D-Day during the invasion of France. I also remember Barry Albright who died for us in Korea. I remember a soldier friend named Stephen who wanted to become an operatic baritone but he was cut down by a sniper in Korea. I had to zipper up his dear face in a body bag, ending his singing ambitions.


Unknown said...

Hi Father, I have missed your posts and at Sunday Mass. I am so glad you are better. I will keep you tn my prayers. God Bless.

Fr. Sullivan said...

So nice. Thank you.

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