Monday, 5/21/18

Today we honor Mary, as the Mother of our Church. Our  feelings are enhanced by the reading from Chapter One of the Acts of the Apostles. There, after the Ascension of Jesus, the Apostles returned to the Upper Room where Mary joined them in deliberating over what to do next.

In saying the "Hail Mary" over and over in my Rosaries, I put aside the obligation of thinking on the meaning of her prayer. I liken the attention I then give to Mary to be like  my holding my mother's hand when as a five-year-old i went Christmas shopping with her in a big department store.

As that five-year-old, while holding tight to  my mother's hand, I would be going all my attention to the wonders around me. So, in saying my Rosaries I give all  my attention to the Mysteries of the Rosary, while reciting the "Hail Mary's" as an equivalent of hold tight to my mother's hand.

Still. at times. as today, I like savoring ever word of Gabriel's greeting  to Mary.

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