God will not forget his scattered folks.

Friday, 5/11/18

Each of today's readings has its own message. In the first reading, God told Paul not to be troubled by all  the wickedness around hum in Corinth; because God had many of his own people there. That was a surprising thing for God to say, since on the east Corinth was a port city on the Aegean, while in the west, it was a port city on the Adriatic. Thievery and prostitution thrived in  both ports. When we look around us in Jacksonville we find many more of God's people than Paul could find in Corinth,

In the Gospel God assured hose of lost here below, that he would see us again.During World War Two when England and France were cut off from each other by five years of Nazi occupation, the refrain, "I'll see you again" kept their hopes alive on both sides. No matter how bad things are here below, God proises us, "I'll see you again."

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