As Jesus was lifted up through the clouds. we too will be lifted up.

Sunday, 5/13/18

I cherish the memory of a lady called Maria Smyth. She loved the clouds, and she dreamed of being lifted up through the clouds. She looked forward to dying, and then to being lifted up and up through the glorious clouds.

Today, on the Feast of Our Lord's Ascension we are asked to picture not our own passage through the clouds,  but that of Our Lord's triumphant passage from us forty days after his Resurrection.

Today's readings make many far fetched promises to us. We will speak in new tongues and we will be able to handle deadly substances. What about it? Will these promises come to be fulfilled?

Well. we believe that all things are possible with God. So we can safely picture ourselves joining Marie Smyth being lifted us through the glorious clouds.

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