"The Jewish Feast of Passover was near."

Friday, 4/13/18

Although we think of the Passover only as pertaining to the meal the Israelites ate the night before they left Egypt, the word properly refers to three stages of their flight. First was their escape from Egypt; second was their forty-year passage through the desert; and thirdly was their passage into the Holy Land.

Now, John wrote his Gospel to show us how Jesus does for his followers what the Father did for his. He leads us out of our living in sin. He supplies us with food in our passage through our desert years. He opens our way to our Promisd Land.

Now, John cleverly marked our passage into the next stage of of our passover by dropping the phrase, "The Jewish Feat of Passover was near." He does this in Chapter Two, verse 13; in Chapter Six, verse 14; and in Chapter Eleven, verse 54.

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