St. Stanislaus, patron saint of Krakow, Poland.

Wednesday, 4/11/18

Stanislaus. bishop of Krakow in Poland was put to death on this April, 11, in 1079.

It has been a common thing for every country in Europe to venerate a patron saint who triumphed over secular powers by the exercise of miraculous powers. Even though we don't accept their miracles as genuine we see their people's veneration of them as stemming from the saint's true holiness.

The story with Stanislas had him purchasing a sight for a church from a man named Piatr. The king od Poland had Piatr killed, after claiming that the sale had no taken place. The saint's miracle had Bishop Stanislaus calling Piatr from his grave to testify before the king and all of Poland that the legal purchase had taken place.

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