Saul imprisoned all the Christians he could find.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The state of Florida has over 20,000 imprisoned. At a facility near Ocala, we have thousands of imprisoned women. Fr. Bob McDermott of our Diocese is an authority on prison life. Fr. Bob began his official life as a lawyer in Atlanta; but over the last 39 years, he has been giving consolation to our prisoners.

Bob says an average person makes 200 decisions daily, while a prisoner at best may make 24. In Florida's prison system, only those prisoners with less than five years to go are permitted to use their time in learning trades. So Bob with concern for those who have more than five years to serve encourages them to partake more fully in religion.

One of our corporal works of mercy falls on us to visit prisoners. To be real Christians we have to pay them visits, write them letters. In Florida released prisoners are not allowed to vote and find it difficult to locate work. Our help and concern must go out to these men and women.

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