"O Lord, you put gladness into my heart."

Sunday, 4/15/18

At a holiday gathering of priests and seminarians I asked a priest about a very serious seminarian across the room. My priest friend said it was funny that I should ask, because the boy had been anxious to meet me.

With that,  my priest  called the boy over; and as if by magic, the boy's seriousness gave way to a gladness that compelled me to say, "Young man, that smile does wondrous things for you."

I tell that story because it brings out the value of gladness in our lives. In the Alleluia verse we say, "O Lord, you put gladness into our hearts."

Our Lord's repeated greeting of "Peace be with you" is a  bestowal of  gladness.

St. John, in his reading begs us avoid sin, so that we might be filled with God's gladness.

Jesus asked his disciples to look upon the wounds in is side and in his feet. Let us join them in gazing at the crucified Jesus. By his self sacrifice he has won us lasting gladness.

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