Instead of further instruction, what we need for doing good jobs is encouiragment.

Tuesday, 4/24/18

When persecutions against believers broke out in Jerusalem many believers fled a hundred miles north to Antioch; and it was from there that they came to be called Christians.

It happened then that a good number of non-Jews joined these Christians, and the Apostles saw that they should choose a kind to deal understandingly with the non-Jewish Christians.

The man they chose had been given the name of Joseph at his birth, but later had earned for himself  the alternate name of Barnabas, meaning the Son of Encouragement.

Up to five or more years ago we had a diocesan leader of our teachers; and all of our trackers were disappointed over the lady leaving that position.

When I asked our teachers why they were sorry to see that lady go, one after another of them gave the same answer, "We'll miss her because she was so encouraging."

The reason for it when we are having trouble with our jobs, usually is that it is all an uphill grind. What we need it not more instruction, we need encouragement to continue the good fight.

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