Friday, 4/20/18

Today's readings explain themselves, and I have nothing to say further. So, please excuse me for telling about an incident from thirty-five years ago , one that touched on this first reading.

Thirty-five years ago, to celebrate my twenty-five years in the priesthood, I had an evening's Mass in my home parish in St. Louis. It was a quiet affair, with just my sisters and their children attending, but with sixteen of their teen-aged sons as part of that number.

The pastor in that home parish of mine was a very friendly Monsignor Lloyd. His one fault was that  once he started speaking, he couldn't find a way to stop. Well. the monsignor looked in at my family, and although he had said he would not speak, the presence of my sixteen teen aged nephews moved him to say a few words about the Church's need for fine young priests.

He told the boys that their vacation to the priesthood would come quietly. It would not be like when  St. Paul was knocked off his horse.

He said that several times, without finding a way to stop. So, on the fourth time he got to speaking about St. Paul being knocked from his horse, I broke in. Without meaning to interrupt, I said, "There was no horse."

That gave the monsignor a way to wind ups his remarks.

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