Fine old people are the same the world over.

Saturday, 4/2/18

When St. Peter went to the sickbed of a lady named Talitha. the women all showed him  garments Talitha had made for each of them, Peter rewarded  itha, the women of the village, one after another showed Peter the beautiful garments Talitha had made for them. 

Eighty years ago I served in a village very much like a Bible village. The houses had no furniture; and walking was our only mode of transportation.

After my Mass on every Saturday morning I was free to eat a big breakfast. So, one Saturday I was disappointed when, before i could eat, I was told I should walk five miles up our valley to where an old would-be convert was waiting for the Sacraments.

I found the old man in the middle of an eight-by-eight room with a dozen ladies squatting around him.  With the ladies dropping in. I went through all the prayers and 
Sacraments. Then I sat back, waiting for the man to die.

Suddenly he leaned forward, asking, "Has the priest had his breakfast? 

As the people took turns asking, I acted as though I just wanted to remain praying. But the old man insisted, and the women joined in asking; so I got up, and started for home.

Afterwards I heard that the old man died as soon as I left his village. He had been more concerned about me than about himself.

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