We must strive to know the Lord.

Saturday, 3/10/18

In the First Reading Hosea tells us, "Let is strive to know the Lord."

But. how do you go about that? When I was seventeen I went into a year-long novitiate in which all of our classwork had to do with praying. The books we studied told us to not to do all the talking when we pray. We were told we should sit back, and wait for the Lord to speak to us.

I found a place in the woods for practicing praying. When I prayed, then waited for the Lord to speak back, I didn't hear anything. So, I made up  how the Lord was telling me to keep my thoughts clean, and telling me to pray for the other guys.

I got two things out of waiting for the Lord's answers. One thing was headaches, the other was the resolution to keep my prayer-life honest. I guess that just being honest is knowing the Lord.  

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