The Samaritan Woman was no goody-goody

Sunday, 3/4/28

I might be wrong in this, but it seems to me the St. John was presenting the Samaritan as a woman with a sinful past.

For women, going out to the well was normally a group activity. Why does this one come alone?

Men could get away with opening a conversation with a strange woman, but this woman asks,  "How can you Jew ask me, a Samaritan woman for  drink?'

Keeping this illegal conversation going, she jokingly observes, "You don't even have a bucket."

Then, she draws attention to herself by speaking about the wearisomeness of, "Keep common out here to draw water."

When Jesus, getting down to business told the woman to bring out her husband, the woman played her final card, saying, "I don't have a husband."

Then Jesus let her, and let us,know what kind of woman she was, said, "I know, you have had five husbands."

Knowing that, why did Jesus bother about such a person?

He was backing up the Bible where it says, "Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make you white as snow."

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