Socrates convinced us of our responsibility to always seek the truth.

Thursday, 3/22/18

The Jews boasted on their being the children of Abraham and the Prophets. That certainly gave them cause for boasting, especially when you look around at the world back then: a world that worshipped animal spirits, a world that practiced human sacrifices.

Abraham lived at 2100 B.C. and it wasn't until  400 B.C. Greece gave birth to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. In their degenerate world they were unique in having come to acknowledge one creator who was all good and all wise.

While Plato left us his erudite Dialogues, and Aristotle gave us his theses on every branch of Philosophy and Art, all that Socrates passed on to us was the conviction that each of us has the responsibility of finding the truth.

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