Our Eucharistic devotion should consist in Joining Jesus inn the Eucharist.

Monday, 3/5/18

Let me say something about our best way of taking part in the Mass.

First, although our Church makes much of the Mass being a repetition of Christ's death on the cross, we should give more importance to the Last Supper. It was at the Last Supper that Jesus said, "Do this In memory of me;" And the Sunday rituals practiced by the disciples in the First Century followed the ritual of the Last Supper, and they refered to it as the people's sacrifice.

At the Last Supper Jesus followed the customary blessing for a Passover meal. Its first part had Jesus asking the disciples to join him in recalling God's favors. In its second part he asked them to be conscious of God's presence.  In it's third, and most important part, Jesus made a complete offering of himself to God. That part of the blessing was called the Eucharist.or the pleasing gift of himself to God.

Luke in Chapter Twenty-two of his Gospel, and Paul, in Chapter Eleven of is First Letter to the Corinthians tell us that Jesus gave us his body to eat to make them part of his self offering. Both say that he gave us his body Eucharistesas.

Our proper way of taking part in the Mass must be by our sacrificing ourselves to God as part of the sacifice of Jesu.

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