Our beloved dead

The Gospel story the death of Lazarus might turn your thoughts to our own deaths, and to the deaths of our loved ones.

As for our own coming deaths, rather than seeing them as catastrophes, we should see them as part of our good God's plan for us.  So, rather than letting the thought of them fill us with dread, we should prepare ourselves for them. My biggest hero has been Pope John XXIII. When his end was coming in June of 1963, he said, "Don't worry, my bags are packed."

As for the deaths of our loved ones, we should treasure our memories of them, turning to them  frequently as before. We should keep them alive in our memories.

You might say I am deceiving myself in this, but I have just put my best memories of my siblings in a little book I am sending off to a printer. My father, in 1940 wrote a little poem about us all coming hime at supper time. Here is an exchange between one of my sisters and my mother:

"Any mail today, Mother? Did anyone call?
"For goodness sakes, look at the dirt in this hall."

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