On Easter we look back on Our Lord's resurrection, as we look look forward to our own..

Easter Sunday, 4/1/18

The Gospels have recounted several stories of how the Risen Lord appeared to his followers. He appeared to Mary Magdalene, when she grasped his knees as she called him "Rabboni." He appeared ro the disciples fleeing to Emma-us. He appeared twice to the Apostles in the Upper Room. He appeared to Peter and John by the Lake of Galilee.

An odd thing is that, except by the Apostle John, he was not recognized at first. Why might that have been?

When he brought them to recognize him, they were overcome with Joy.

On Easter we look forward to our own resurrections.  Let me tell you a story about that.

I was just back in the States after spending twelve years in Korea, when a friend named Tom Mitchell told me that his son-in-law Jerry had been killed int Viet Nam, and was going to be buried from our cathedral.

I joined twenty priests in the sacristy. and we went around the outside in procession. As I followed the others into the magnificent cathedral, I was stunned by the solemnity of a young man who was standing in the sanctuary, playing and singing a hymn Jerry and he had written together.

"I am the Resurrection and the Life, he who believes in me will never die."

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Happy Easter Father. God Bless.

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