Often side issues interfere with our living by the Bible lessons.

Friday, 3/2/18

Rightfully, our homilies should be about the messages the Bible passages have for us. However, at times there are side issues that conflict with our understanding of what the Bible is teaching us.

For instance, It was not until 580 B.C. that the Bible stories were actually written out. Up to that time, the story teller for each of thee twelve tribes had slightly different accounts of what happened in the ancient past. That is the case today. Our account first tells us that Reuben tried to save Joseph, then it tells us think was Judah. We can't tell who it was.

There are also side issues that interfere with our understanding of the story of the crop from, the vineyard. From the time of Moses Israelites were forbidden to plant two different crops in the same land. (It was vegetative adultery.)
However, an exception was allowed with vineyards. Since a newly planted vine could not produce a vintage for its first five years, during those years the workmen could plant vegetables between the vines. That could give rise to disputes between the owners and workmen as to whom the vegetables belonged.

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