Fifteen Key Phrases from John, Chapter One.

Tuesday, 3/27/18

John was Our lord's "Beloved Disciple." You could use these phrases from Chapter One of his Gospel as Mysteries for fifteen decades of your rosary.

1. "In the beginning was the Word" The Greek for "Word" was Logos. or our "Mother Nature."
2. "The Word was with God, and was God." The Word is both immanent and transcendent.
3. "All things came to be through him." Dante wrote, "All things have an order that echoees God."
4. "The Life is the light of the world." The Life of God is the source of all human intelligence.
5. "To those who accept him he gives power to become children of God."Amen to that.
6. "And the Word became flesh." Paul wrote that to do that the Word had to "empty himself."
7. "And he set up his tent with us." The body of Jesus was the tent on our journey to Heaven.
8. "And we have seen his glory." This echoes Exodus 40 where God's glory filled the tent.
9. "From Moses came only the Law, while from Christ comes grace and truth"
10. John the Baptist called out, "Behold the Lamb of God." John and Andrew followed Jesus.
11. Jesus turned toAndrew and John, asking, "What are you looking for?"
12. They asked, "Rabbi, where are you staying?" Staying with Christ is central,to Christianity.
13,  "You are Simon, son of John. You will be called Peter." This is our religion's  cornerstone.
14. "Here is a true Israelite in whom there is no guile." We too must be free of self deception.
15. "There was a wedding feast in Cana (our heaven) and the mother of Jesus was there."

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