All things come to be through the Word.

Sunday, 3/11/18

We have a Gospel story about Nicodemus, a man who came to Jesus to say that he saw Jesu as somewhere more than  good man. He said, "No one could speak the way you do, if he were not from God."

So, Nicodemus saw Jesus as more than ordinary, but he would not go much further.

If you or I should say we see Jesus as someone coming from God, but if we go no futher, them we would not nor be Christians.

I like comparing Jesus to our Sun.

What does our Sun give us? Well, it gives us light, but does it not give us more?

Well, yes, it makes our crops to grow.

But, if you want to sum up all that the Sun does for our world, you must say that in his world of ours there is not an ounce of energy that has not come from the sun. Our coal and oil are ancient sun rays that have been packaged away in decaying vegetation.

All the cars in our traffic jams are running on packaged ancient sun light. The same is true of their honking horns.

So, we must do more that tell Jesus we love him.We must agree with John's Gospel that tells us, "All things came to be through him, and without him nothing comes to be."

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