We should stretch out our roots to the living waters.

Thursday, 2/29/18

The rich man in the Gospel, living only for himself, and turning away from the Lord, is like a barren bush in a desert waste.

While the poor man Lazarus, having Abraham at his side, is like a tree planted by living waters that stretches out its roots to water.

Once, I had the idea of illustrating this lesson by placing two potted plants at the opening in the communion rail.  One of them would be like the barren bush enjoying no change off season, but the other would stretch out it's roots to the Lord, with never fading leaves.

Wanting to find such an uneven pair of plants, I browsed the back yard of the nursery store  on Herschel Street. The new young clerk there assured me he could find what ever I was searching for; but when I told him tI needed the two kinds of plants to illustrate a homily, he said I had better get help from his boss.

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