The measure with which you measure will be measured back to you.

Monday, 2/26/18

My eleven years in a primitive Korea town introduced me to the same life styles as those in the Gospel stories.

Our Korean stores had no prepackaged foods. For measuring a pint of grain the store keeper had a two inch deep wooden box that was seven inches on each side. A quart measure might be ten inches on a side, and four inches deep. After filling such a measure, the dealer would run a ruler over the top, brushing aside the surplice.

It was not unusual to run up against shop keepers who had false bottoms to their measures, fixing it so that you received only three quarters of a measure when you have paid for a full measure.

The Gospel sets aside the storekeeping where actual wooden measures were used. If you are generous with others they will be generous with you are generous with God, he will be generous with you.

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