The difference between the six Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, 2/3/18

With Solomon asking for an understanding heart that made him the wisest of men, we are asked to explain the difference between wisdom and understanding.

While we are at it, we might ask the difference between these two and the other forms of mental acuity listed in Chapter Eleven of Isaiah. There we read that the Spirit residing on the Messiah would be one of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge and fear of the Lord.  

Isaiah surprises us with the gift of the Spirit that the Messiah would most favor: "His delight will be fear of the Lord."

Rather than your being burdened with my explanation of the differences between the six Gifts of the Holy Spirit, it would be profitable for you to explain their differences.  

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Unknown said...

Thank you Fr. Sullivan for reaching out to the stranger and offering the Mass for her father following his death 2/2/2018. Your disposition was a perfect example of all 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit including Piety.

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