Sunday, 2/11/18

the lepers in Our Lord's time suffered a double hardship. For one thing, they had a disease that ate away their flesh; the other thing was that they were declared to be spiritually unclean. If one was declared to be unclean he or she could not enter the synagogue or temple.

If we had to chose between being declared clean and being cured I suppose most of us would chose the cure.

As I a young priest in Korea sixty yeas ago I often met up with lepers. The beggars would threaten to touch people who would not give them help.

Once, when I had spent a night at the Sisters' hospital, a bishop, on his way out to a leper colony, got five nursing sisters to join him; and he asked me to go along to help with the Confessions.

\I spent more than two hours hearing confessions, and the impression that came over me again and again was that they were just people. They disobeyed their parents, they had dirty thoughts. I enjoyed relating to them as just people.

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