Jesus saved us by his death to sin.

Sunday, 2/18/18

Our Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent each year tells the story of Jesus for forty days going out to the desert to be tempted.

We should see the connection between this story and the incident that took place when Jesus was being tested in the Garden of Olives. You will remember that Jesus then said, "Father, if it is possible, let this trial pass by me; but not as I will, but as Thou will it."

Sweating tears of blood, Jesus forced himself to say, "Not as I will, but as you will."

We all know that Jesus saved us by dying for us, but his death itself was not of great value. There were two thieves who died with him; and their death was only of value to the the soldiers who divided the dead mens' garments.

What was it that made the death of Jesus so valuable? Romans, 6:10 gives us the answer. It there says, "His death was a death to sin."

Jesus conquered sin by never once, from his forty days into desert to his final minutes on the cross, never giving in to the temptation to sin.

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