God allowed the Bble writers to express views that are not his own.

Thursday, 2/8/18

We were raised to believe in everything in the Bible, but the readings today cannot be taken as clear expressions of God's truth.

Take the First Reading. It tells us that God's special love for David had made him ruler of all twelve tribes, and that God's love for David was so enduring, that God could not deal harshly with David's son, even though that son had taken on a thousand wives who led the people to follow other gods. But we know that God who is all Truth, could not have tolerated the immoral worship of other gods.

Jesus in the Gospel was portrayed as saying that except under special circumstances he could not come to the aid of individuals other than those of the Chosen People. But we know that God's special care extends to all of us.

God allows the writers of Bible passages to express ideas that are not his own.

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