What is the first thing we think about in the morning?

Friday, 1/16/18

Today we honor St. Timothy whom Paul put in charge of the Church throughout Ephesus, and of Titus whom Paul set to lead the Church on the whole island of Crete.

To Timothy Paul wrote, "I remind you to stir into flame the gifts that God has given you." To Titus Paul wrote, "I left you on the Island of Crete that you might set right what remains to be done there."

It makes us wonder to what degree you and I have accomplished the Lord's work in the place where God has planted us.

That question puts me in mind of a conversation I had with two priests fifty years ago. Father Murray was the priest in charge of the Catholic church in the Korean county of Bupyung, Father Connors was in charge of the church in the county of Kangnung. I had the whole county of Yang Yang as my parish.

One day fathers Murray and Connors came by as they were driving back an ambulance belonging to the  Sister's  dispensary in Chunchon. I went along with them; and as we were bouncing along, Father Murray put a question to us. He asked, "When you wake up sin the morning what is the first thing you think about?"

Father Connors and I did nor have quick answer, so we asked Father Murray what he thought of. He said, "I always wonder when our next party would be."

Timothy and Titus would have had different answers than that, what about you. (The Jaguars are no longer all we think about.)

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